About Us

Birdday IT is a European SharePoint/O365 consultancy. Our Head Office is in Brussels and we work with local consultants in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, The UK, France, Switserland, Austria and Denmark.
We do development projects, migrations, implementations, data management/transfers, consultancy, (managed) services etc.

Development projects

We are excellent in developing with the SharePoint Framework (SPFx), so we can make nice responsive webparts and forms for SharePoint Modern Pages.

But also very experienced with PowerApps, PowerBI, MS Flow, Teams, C# solutions etc.

Development coding and scripting will be done offshore. Architecture, communication and delivery will be done by our local consultant in your language.

Hiring consultants

Looking for consultants in whole Europe (4 hours - 40 hours per week). Juniors, Mediors, Seniors. Technical consultants but also people with excellent communication skills for consulting our partnership products.
More information? contact Theo@birdday-it.be

Open roles

CardioLog Analytics

Intlock, developer of CardioLog Analytics, has been a leader in the field of analytics for SharePoint, Office 365 and Social Platforms for over 10 years.CardioLog Analytics - provides web-analytics and online marketing solutions for SMB and enterprise-level intranet portals and websites. CardioLog Analytics delivers deep insights into the performance of portal, web and social platform initiatives through testing, tracking and targeting, ultimately enabling organizations to optimize their portal’s impact and maximize their return on investment. The solution is available for On-Premises and SaaS deployments.
Birdday IT is prefered Partner in Europe for all consultancy and (managed) services.
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FUSION Data IN/OUT and AROUND SharePoint
FUSION is the only tool in the world that get your data IN/OUT and AROUND harePoint (from/to CSV, Excel, TXT, SQL Server, ODBC etc...). Also you can apply O365 Retention Labels in bulk without changing Modified, ModifiedBy or Version. Your work will be extremely dynamic and efficient with the strong calculation-, transform-, timerjob-, rename-, automation-, delete- and sync functionality. All this without any code or scripting......and 100% free.

FUSION Premium:
FUSION + fully dynamic file/document migrations.

Birdday IT is prefered Partner in Europe in collaboration with Move365.
FUSION Website
Download FUSION today for free here

Process Modelling
Enhanced process modelling allows you to build complex flowcharts and manage process documents, resources, risks and IT systems with performance metadata.
Workflow Automation
Transform your processes into executable workflows by connecting them to your IT systems with just a few clicks and a graphical connection wizard.
Process Intelligence
Keep your finger on the pulse and see how well your process is performing.
Birdday IT is Partner in Europe.
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Head Office

Sub Offices

Vianen, The Netherlands
Steffenberg, Germany