About us

The backbone of BIRDDAY IT is the experienced SharePoint Architect / Developer / Business Analyst / Project Leader Theo de Groot.

Theo is a Dutchman, but he works from Brussels. Because that is where the larger government agencies are located.
After many years of working as a freelancer, a professionalisation project was implemented in early 2019. BIRDDAY IT was founded and established in an office building in Brussels.

Our way of working:
We only carry out assignments remotely. Of course, the business analysis will be completed at your office, but the development phase is done remotely. This allows us to keep costs very low (SharePoint Development for 54 euros per hour) and save our travel expenses/hours completely. This way we can also handle assignments in several countries. You can contact us in Dutch, English, French and German.

Meet us? We would like to come and talk to you, without any obligation.